'The Diaco unit allows us to increase the range of treatment we can offer to patients who are reliant on wheelchairs as well as improving the working environment for the dental team'

Professor June Nunn.
Department of Public and Child Dental Health. Dublin Dental Hospital - Ireland.

'Westmead Centre for Oral Health installed and started using the diaco® dental chair in July 2007, and have found it fantastic for patients and dentists, with good ergonomics for short procedures. The best feature is the ease and speed with which patients are placed in and out of operating position. The diversity of chairs the platform takes, including battery operated wheelchairs is another invaluable feature. Patients have commented on the benefit and dignity of not needing to use a sling hoist'

Dr Leda Mugayar Westmead Centre for Oral Health Sydney AUSTRALIA President Elect IADH

'It really has made life a lot easier when it comes to treating patients who are unable to transfer from their wheelchair to the dental chair. It's easier for me (the dentist), my dental nurse and the patients! The patients are delighted with it: they find it very comfortable and feel secure. They feel very privileged to be able to use it.For me, it makes access for treatment so much easier, making it a lot less stressful. It's also much more comfortable for me as I'm not stretching and straining my back. The unit is also very easy to use, a lot more so than I expected. It takes very little time to set up.'

Senior Dental Surgeon (special needs) - Ireland

"Having the diaco® Dental Chair in the dental surgery has revolutionised the way I treat patients who are wheelchair users. I no longer need to manhandle people into a dental chair and force them to spend time in a chair that they find uncomfortable. I am able to offer the whole gambit of dental treatment in a safe and familiar position for both the patient and dental team"

NHS Assistant Clinical Director

"Everyone who uses the Diaco Dental Chair - staff as well as patients - has been very impressed"

NHS Senior Dental Nurse

"The Diaco Dental Chair has transformed our working conditions with regard to the clinician's position when treating a wheelchair user. As far as the patient is concerned it allows complicated treatment to be carried out in safety and comfort. This is a relatively new piece of equipment for our service but we have found it easy to operate."

NHS Clinical Director

'I am wheelchair bound after a bike accident resulting in breaking my back and leaving me T4/T3 paralysed, that's from the chest downwards. I have two fears, one is visiting the dentist and two is being in the dentist chair.

Backing up to and onto a platform that is no bigger than average wheelchair, I applied my brakes and then had a headrest positioned behind my head. The platform on which I was now on, still in my wheelchair, tilted backwards safely and I felt very secure.

The best thing about staying in my own wheelchair is that I have to sit on a cushion that has gel in it to ensure I have no pressure points on my skin, this is one thing that has most paralysed people fearing the most. Sitting on my own cushion in my own wheelchair is so reassuring it eliminates this and so many other fears.

The tilting of the diaco® dental chair is smooth feels safe and I can see so many more disabled people willing to visit there dentist if this system is installed in there local surgery or hospital. The human race is always looking at ways to help all walks of life fit in to society and be as comfortable and stress free as can be.

Diaco have in my opinion eliminated another fear that is so common in the disabled community, I am completely sure that one day every dentist, hospital and even other professions will have this system installed and after chatting to other disabled people about this new system they have said it wont be a day to late.

E B from Kent

I took my disabled wife to the dentist, my wife had a right side stroke and often feels very nervous when being lifted - she was quite happy on your lifter! It is a very useful, helpful device for disabled people and saves a difficult transfer from the wheelchair'

Mr J G from Surrey