About the Diaco Dental Chair

About our company

Diaco was formed in 2004 with the specific task of developing a solution to the difficulties faced by the clinical team when presented with a patient in a wheelchair. With venture capital from OFC Holdings, a specialist engineering and design team has created an ergonomically diaco® dental chair that was launched by Diaco Limited at the beginning of 2005.

Meet the Team

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The product

After combining 24 months of development, dozens of prototypes and a large advisory group comprising wheelchair users and dentists the result is the diaco® dental chair - delivering a safer, more comfortable experience for the wheelchair patient and special care dental team.

Diaco Dental Chair

A new idea

Diaco was born out of necessity. After what should have been a routine visit for an upper extraction, a wheelchair patient suffered complications putting both the clinical team and the patient at risk of injury.

After meeting with the dental team to discuss these complications it was clear that there was no viable commercial solution to help either the patient or clinical team. Moreover, there was a reliance on the clinical team to put themselves at risk to treat the patient.

From this incident we formed Diaco, to develop a solution in partnership with special care dental teams and wheelchair patients that enabled the safe treatment of wheelchair patients whilst having the clinical team at a safe and comfortable working position.