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International demand for Diaco® Dental Chairs continues to grow as New Zealand becomes the 14th Country to transform dental care for wheelchair users.

Diaco® Dental Chairs are now being used in 14 countries, giving increasing numbers of wheelchair users around the world a safer and more comfortable dental experience.

Diaco® recently expanded, opening an office in North America to meet demand from hospitals and dental surgeries throughout the region. Diaco® Dental Chairs are now being used in 14 countries including Australia Belgium Holland Hong Kong Ireland Malaysia Thailand Turkey and the USA.

This is a significant breakthrough for Diaco®, whose concept started just five years ago in England. David Vandyke, Co-Founder and Director, said, "Our growth has surpassed our expectations. The original idea was born out of necessity but we also knew there would be demand and now our efforts are being rewarded."

The innovative Diaco® Dental Chair removes the need to transfer the patient from their wheelchair to the dentist's chair. Instead, the wheelchair is placed safely on a platform that reclines back at the touch of a button. This leads to a more comfortable and safe experience for the patient and a safer working position for the dental team. David Vandyke said, "There are physical difficulties for any wheelchair user going to the dentist, and this eliminates many of them. It's about dignity at the end of the day. The fact that our chairs are continuing to be used so widely is a good thing for wheelchair users everywhere."