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Dental Hospitals Around the World Choose the Diaco® Dental Chair

An increasing number of the world's leading dental and research hospitals are choosing to use the Diaco® Dental Chair

Research institutes from Malaysia to Ireland, Thailand to Australia favour the chair, which is revolutionising dental treatment for wheelchair users.

The chair is a fully mobile dental platform, allowing the patient to remain in their own wheelchair during treatment. It eliminates hoisting or manual handling and sets the patient at the optimal angle to receive oral care.

A spokeswoman for the Dublin Dental School & Hospital said, “The Diaco® Dental Chair has improved the working environment of the dental team and increased the range of treatment we can offer the patient.”

Since its launch in 2006, the Diaco® Dental Chair is being used in 14 countries worldwide, and many research hospitals and institutes including University of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur; University of Dentistry, Thailand; Sydney Dental Hospital, Australia; University Hospital of Ghent, Belgium; University Dental Hospital of Cork, Ireland rely on the Diaco® Dental Chair for their wheelchair dental patients