Special Care Dentistry - The Diaco Dental Chair

The diaco® dental chair is a fully mobile dental platform designed specifically for wheelchair patients. The patient remains in their own wheelchair at all times, eliminating manual handling and hoisting, whilst enabling the optimal angle for dental care treatment for both patient and clinical team.

Since launching in 2005, the diaco® dental chair is used in over 100 NHS Hospitals in the UK alone. Globally diaco® dental chairs can be found across 14 countries in internationally recognized dental hospitals throughout USA, Europe and Australasia

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See how a wheelchair patient is given the same access to dental care as an able bodied patient using the diaco® dental chair while they remain in the safety and comfort of their own wheelchair.

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Diaco Dental Assist Benefits


Discover how the diaco® dental chair is transforming the oral care provided for wheelchair patients whilst enabling clinical teams to work in a safer environment.

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